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All About Us

For as long as Betty Stevenson can remember, she has always wanted to learn the upholstery trade. Lucky for her, Oliver's brother had retired after 35 years as a Professional Upholsterer for NC State University. He offered to teach both his brother, Oliver and sister-in-law, Betty, the trade of Professional Upholstery. They both jumped at the opportunity. 

"Diamond N-D Rough was established in 2008 in a flea market in Raleigh, NC and later graduated to our first storefront in downtown Wake Forest, NC. In 2015, we moved to our second downtown location in Wake Forest where we operated until 2021. We then moved the business to downtown Washington, NC where we currently operate." 


When asked what the couple loved about owning their own business and what their business goal is, Oliver stated: "The biggest joy is knowing that you have a satisfied customer. Very few can perform this type of work and do it at such a high level, and we just love what we do. Our aim is have an impact in the community by creating jobs, reviving this trade and teaching it on a professional level." 

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