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The B-Diamond Collection

Welcome to our special collection of furniture, designed personally by Betty  Stevenson.

 I heard customers saying, “I like that couch or chair, but not that arm or not those cushions.“ “I’d like to add a recliner or lounge chair.” I added my own personal collection to meet the needs of customers and display our personalized designs. 

Luxurious Chairs 

Abbott Accent Chair.jpg

Abbott Accent Chair

Addison Spider Back Chair.jpg

Addison Spider Chair

Bradford Leather Chair.jpg

Bradford Leather Chair

Hadley Leather Accent Chair.jpg

Hadley Leather

Accent Chair

Fowler Arm Chair.jpg
Belmonth Oval back Chair.jpg

Belmonth Oval

Back Chair

Essex Accent Chair.jpg

Essex Accent Chair

Kent Chair.jpg

Fowler Arm Chair

Kent Chair

Anna Carved Chair.jpg

Anna Carved

Arm Chair

Emerson Oval Back Chair.jpg

Emerson Oval

Back Chair

Hannah Chair.jpg

Hannah Chair

Jaxon Accent Chair.jpg

Jaxon Accent Chair

Ayla Carved Chair.jpg

Ayla Carved

Arm Chair

Clark Accent Chair.jpg

Clark Accent Chair

Knox Accent Chair.jpg

Knox Accent Chair

Harvard Carved Chair.jpg

Harvard Carved Chair

Holly Ridge 2_edited.png

The Taslo 

200-02 Madelyn Kiwi Primary.jpg

The Madelyn

200-05 Madelyn Granite alt 4.jpg
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